Part 2 — AWS Free Account & IAM Basics. Before we can build the new Web Phonebook Application, you need to have a free AWS account and you need some background information about how AWS IAM works and how it applies to our Web Phonebook Application.

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

In this lesson, I ask you to set up your AWS free account if you don’t already have an account and I share key information about and how it relates to our Web Phonebook Application before I walk you through the steps to implement…

In a brand new series, I am building a web-based application on AWS to help illustrate the basics of cloud computing. This is Part 1—AWS Architecture Overview.

This series of articles is ideal for anyone new to AWS and security professionals that want to understand some key principles of securing AWS workloads in the cloud.

If you are brand new to AWS, don’t worry because I step you through every part of the process of building this…

Tim Layton

Cloud Security & Risk Management Professional

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